The CECG Book Club

Our "book club" is a long-term initiative that supplies printed literature to political prisoners incarcerated for cryptocurrency-related thoughtcrimes.

People currently in captivity due to bitcoin-related matters include:

  • John Powell, United States (10-Dec-2014, 4 years)
  • Robert Faiella, United States (21-Jan-2015, 4 years)
  • Ross Ulbricht, United States (5-Feb-2015, 10-45 years)
  • Charlie Shrem, United States (20-Dec-2014, pre-jail purgatory, 2 years plea bargain)
  • Pascal Reid, United States (pending trial)
  • Blake Benthall, United States (pending trial)

Some examples of the books that we've sent prisoners recently:

Suggestions for quality literature can be made to @CECGbiz. Please note that due to prison regulations any suggested book must be available in paperback form (hardcover books or e-books are not permitted) and the regulations also preclude any "anti-government" literature or narratives that depict escape from prison.

If you wish to chip in to the book club, please make out your contribution to the wallet address 1GfB4YCqUivZxHxw7dU6woWhRfX4g1WiMq:

Alternatively, contributions can equally well be made in the form of gift certificates. Please contact us directly in that case.